Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hot 6ix OGN Champions Summer Statistics Spreadsheet

For the group stages in the Hot 6ix OGN Summer Statistics I made a spreadsheet with some statistics for the Ro16 group stage (not including the tie breaker) as something to do and to use as a reference if I am ever watching a game and want to see what a team has previously picked etc. I know they have it on leaguepedia and there's those infographics various people come out with but I like using Excel (using the COUNTIF function to count words was my favourite past time at my rather dull work experience job for my degree).

View the spreadsheet here! It's colour coded! There may be errors, feel free to point them out.

My favourite statistic is the Jayce's win rate being 17%, only winning one game in the entire group stages despite being picked or banned 83% of the time.

I was thinking of doing some pretty graphs to show some trends of picks because who doesn't like pretty graphs. I do. As for now though, feast your eyeballs on some Excel goodness. I really would like to contrast the main regions picks/bans as well but that's a lot of work and I might wait until closer to the World Championships because of the new patches being rolled out which may change some picks/bans.

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