Saturday, 8 February 2014

League of Legends in 500 Words or Less: Introduction

I have decided to start a series of posts which I am titling League of Legends in 500 Words or Less. This is mainly trying to establish something for me to do and also so I can put out content more regularly as well as to improve my writing.  I tend to mull on possible topic for way too long and never actually write anything. This short form type of post will force me to do something other than sit around all day.
I am going to pick a topic twice a week (probably Mondays and Thursdays) and write 500 words (maximum) on that topic. It could be about anything, an LCS game that just happened, about a piece of news that just broke, a champion I like, a pro player. Obviously the posts will always be League of Legends focused as this a League blog.
I know not many people (if any) actually read this blog but if there are people who might click on it more than once, there should be something new to read and it wont be a huge commitment. In fact I believe the average reading speed on a screen is ~200 words so it should take most people about two minutes each post. If people who did read these want to reply or do their own they should and then link me the results or you can tweet me @gerarda. Thanks for reading!

Word count: 239

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