Monday, 17 February 2014

League of Legends in 500 Words or Less: All Stars, All Speculation

There has been a lot of talk about All Stars recently in the League community and I thought I would contribute some 500 words to this discussion. As the expected time for the All Stars tournament draws closer (2013 All Stars was held in April) discussions on who should be in the All Stars team for each region have started to crop up. These discussions are usually intended to be fun discussions about which pros everyone thinks are the best in their role and if they'd work well together as a team. 

However these discussions have spurred more serious discussion on how All Stars is essentially a popularity contest and if it is really in a region's best interest to let fans vote to decide who represents a region.  I have seen threads on reddit talking about giving prominent people in the League community more voting power to decide who goes, so that a vote by say a LCS shoutcaster or a popular freelancer would be worth more than from someone who is "just" a fan. The theory behind this is that these more prominent people know more about the game, the players and will provide a less “biased” view. While on the surface this makes sense, it runs into huge problems, most of them revolving around who gets how much more of a say and by how much. There are so many people who could be seen as prominent members of the community. How do we determine who should have more of a say? Can these VIPs vote for other regions, even if they are only involved in one? The amount of augmentation in pursuit of the “best” team in the All Stars voting system could be infinite. Attempting to inject “fairness” into the voting system is probably not going to work. 

In my mind the “best” 5 players to represent a region is probably the top team of that region. To objectively find a combination of pros that would be the best All Star team (team with a maximum of 3 members from one established team) is probably a near impossible task that cannot be achieved by mere voting regardless who gets more of a say or not. I like All Stars as a community event, where the most popular players that everyone voted for compete against each other. I think it’s a cool event for spectators but not a good gauge of a region’s strength or how they might do at Worlds. Inevitably this leads to the question then, is it fair that the prize for winning be an extra slot at Worlds? My internal jury is still out on this although I am inclined to think that it’s not that important in terms of the outcome or representation of regions at Worlds. What is more important is a good tournament structure for Worlds and how many slots regions get initially. See my thoughts on how the Worlds 2013 format was regionally biased

Words: 496

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