Thursday, 26 June 2014

Photos from OGN in Korea, Spring 2014

It should come to no surprise to any one reading this blog that I really quite like League of Legends and I like it quite enough to travel a fair distance to places to see it played. Recently I traveled once again to South Korea to watch some games of OnGameNet's Champions and Masters tournaments. South Korea is acknowledged by the League community to have the best and most competitive teams in the League scene. This makes any tournaments that come out of South Korea probably the most exciting to watch and definitely worth the trip to see if you are a big fan of League of Legends. I have definitely said this before in previous blog posts about my previous trip to see the final of OGN Champions Summer last year.

Moving right along the main purpose of this post was to post some pictures of the times I was there. 
Just after Najin White Shield beat CJ Entus Blaze to make it to the Final of Champions Spring

Samsung Blue just before their Masters match against CJ Entus. They would later win Champions Spring 2014 and then go on with their sister team to win Samsung the first OGN Masters title. 

Also don't be deceived by the last picture, it only looks like there are empty seats because it was a break and half the crowd always leaves during the breaks. It was packed. There were people trying to cram themselves in through the door. The CJ Entus fans will always turn out in force. And Samsung has quite a few fans too.

Samsung surrounded by their many fans after winning their match against CJ Entus in OGN Masters. Not really sure why I took a photo from behind like this, it looks kind of cool I guess.

I thought I had more pictures but most of them are blurry and not very good. I just wanted to post the nicer ones in a blog post because I felt like posting them up somewhere that wasn't twitter and if people want to see them they'd be here. 

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